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Abbey Ceramics

Saint Genevieve

Saint Genevieve

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Size: 9 1/4" (23.5cm)
(Genofeva) [422-500], was born near Paris, dedicated her life to God at 7, moved to Paris and became a nun at 15. She had many visions and prophecies. Her prayers are said to have turned Attila the Hun away from Paris toward Orleans. She brought boatloads of corn to the city when it was blockaded by Childeric, King of the Franks and she even persuaded him to release many captives. By the time of her death, King Clovis had become a Christian and built a church in Paris to house her relics. She is shown as a shepherdess, with a staff, holding a candle, guarded by an angel while a devil attempts to blow it out. She is patron of Paris, disasters, drought, fever, excessive rain and of the Women's Army Corps. Her feast is January 3.

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