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Abbey Ceramics

Jacob Wrestling With an Angel

Jacob Wrestling With an Angel

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Item Number: P154

Size: 7 1/2" x 8 1/2" (19.1cm x 21.6cm)
(Jakob, Jacques, Giacomo, Giacobbe, Giacopo, Jakov, Yakov, Iakov, Jakub, Jackel, Jockel, Jakab, Jakubek, Jalu, Jokubas, Jashenka, Jascha, Yakaw, Yasha, Yashenka, Yashka, Yakiv, Yashko, Yanka, Lakobos, Kubo, Kuba, Kubes, Kubus) [20th Century B.C.], son of Isaac & Rebecca, younger twin of Esau, who tricked his brother into giving him the birthright and his father into blessing him ran away for twenty years. On the night he returned home, he wrestled with an angel from whom he forced a blessing and met Esau in peace. The angel renamed him "œIsrael"� and the twelve tribes of Israel come from Jacob's twelve sons.

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