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Abbey Ceramics



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Item Number: P157

Size: 11" (28cm)
(Judithe, Judita, Judit, Judyta, Juditka, Guiditta, Jitka, Jutka, Yudif, Hudes, Juci, Jucika, Dita, Ita, Iudif, Yudita) [around 538 B.C.] was the widowed heroine of her people during the reign of Nebuchadnezzar. Holofernes, the king's commander beseiged her city in spite of warnings not to attack Israel's God. Judith dressed in her finest clothes, was captured and offered to betray her people. Holofernes, convinced, prepared a banquet for her, hoping to seduce her. When he was drunk, Judith cut off his head with his own sword. The enemy fled and her people were saved.

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