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Abbey Ceramics

Saint William of Bourges

Saint William of Bourges

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Item Number: P159

Size: 9" (22.9cm)
(Will, Willi, Willy, Wilhelm, Guillermo, Guglielmo, Vilmos, Vila, Vilek, Vilem, Viliam, Vilo, Vilous, Vili, Wilek, Wilus, Vilko, Vas, Vasenka, Vasilek, Vasili, Vasiliy, Vaska, Vasya, Vasyl, Vasylko, Vasylyuno, Vasyuk, Vasyukha, Vasyushka, Boleslaw) [died 1209] was a canon, monk, cistercian, abbot and archbishop. He always considered himself last among his brethren. He had a sweetness of expression and was filled with joy and peace and made virtue appear easy in the midst of great difficulties. He was gentle with penitents and assisted the poor. He made many converts among the Albigensians. His feast is January 10.

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