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Abbey Ceramics

Saint John Baptist de la Salle

Saint John Baptist de la Salle

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Item Number: P176

Size: 9 1/4"� x 6"� (23.5cm x 15.2cm)
(Ansis, Evan, Giannes, Giovanni, Hans, Hannu, Ioannis, Ivan, Iwan, Ivashka, Jan, Janeczek, Jankielek, Janko, Janos, Jean, Jonas, Jovan, Johann, Johannes, Joannes, Juhani, Juan, Juanitocho, Vanechka, Vanya, Xuan, Yochanan, Zana) [1651-1719] is the Father of Modern Education. He was born to a noble and wealthy French family. Ordained in 1678, he sold all his goods in 1684 and with 12 men formed "œThe Brothers of the Christian Schools,"� who were dedicated to the education (religious & secular) of poor boys. He set up many schools, teacher training schools and even a school for delinquent boys. He introduced new approaches to teaching, including classroom teaching (not one-on-one) in the vernacular (not Latin), with student silence, using a question and answer method. He is the patron of educators, school principals and of schoolteachers. His feast is April 7.

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