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Abbey Ceramics

Saint Paschal Baylon

Saint Paschal Baylon

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Item Number: P179

Size: 9"� (22.9cm)
(Pascal, Pasch, Pasquale, Pamfil) [1540-1592] was a shepherd from age 7 to 24. Too poor to go to school, he taught himself how to read and write from the Hours of the Blessed Virgin. He tried to join the Franciscans at 18, was refused, but allowed to join when in his early 20's. He is known for his innocence and austerity, his devotion to his duties (doorkeeper, refectorian et alii), his mortification and for his love of the sick and the poor. He had an intense love of the Mass and the Eucharist and spent long periods in prayer. On a mission in France, he defended the "œReal Presence"� in a debate with the Huguenots. He is patron of shepherds, cooks & chefs and of all Eucharistic Confraternities, Congresses & devotions. His feast is May 17.

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