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Hewett, Beth :Grief on the Road to Emmaus

Hewett, Beth :Grief on the Road to Emmaus

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In Grief on the Road to Emmaus, experienced bereavement author and facilitator Beth Hewett offers help for people interested in walking with those who grieve and supporting their mourning. Using the story of the bereaved disciples walking with Jesus to Emmaus and personal grief vignettes, this message is grounded in Benedictine monastic values that emphasize love, mutuality, hospitality, listening, prayer, humility, action, and community. This readable guide introduces a ministry of consolation, complete with facilitator skills, practices, and strategies for healing to assist readers to accompany the bereaved compassionately, leading each other to hope after loss.

Beth L. Hewett, PhD, CT, CCISM, CEOLS, is an experienced bereavement facilitator, facilitator trainer, Benedictine oblate, and author. She supports individuals and groups in coping with trauma and grief, focusing on mindful mourning and the intention of finding hope. Dr. Hewett is a Certified Thanatologist and a Certified Critical Incident Stress Management Specialist. Her work includes grief-focused articles and such books as Supporting a Grieving Workforce, Good Words: Memorializing through a Eulogy, and More Good Words: Practical Activities for Mourning. Learn more about Dr. Hewett and find information on her bereavement facilitator training and grief ministry workshops at www.goodwordsforgrieving.

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